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The 27th May 2015 is the 50th anniversary of the first voyage of HMAS Sydney III and destroyer escorts sailing from Sydney to Vietnam carrying 1RAR.

To commemorate the first voyage, your association is holding a dinner dance in Melbourne on Saturday 30 May 2015. I urge you all to come along and please feel free to invite an Army, Air Force mate/s, family and friends. Tables are selling fast.

Full details on how to register are below.
Dinner Dance Flyer.....
Dinner Dance Application Form.....

President's Report
Click here for the President's October report.

Allan Baddeley
Following the passing of Allan, his family have sent some photos Allan had of Sydney II and Napier.  They have also sent us Allan's wartime memoirs.  The photos have been added to the previous photos he sent us and can be seen on the Gallery page.  His memoirs can also be downloaded from that page.

VALE - CPOMUSN Lyndon John Le Dan R57880
We regret to inform our members of the passing Lyndon Le Dan.  Lyndon passed away on the 22nd October 2014. The committee, on behalf of it's members extend their sincere condolences to his family
22 OCT 2014

A plaque has been placed on the memorial wall in the Chapel page.


Honorary member - Laura Benney
Many of you will remember a young girl named Laura Benney, who the Association helped with her project on the Sydney II. Laura's grandfather CPO Tom Carey was one of the 645 lost. Laura's moving poem "Under a Rising Sun" about her great-great grandfather is on our website. Laura has since become an honorary member of the association and is always in attendance at the Shrine on 19th November.
The latest news from Laura is that on the 16th October she won the Victorian State Final of 'Legacy Junior Public Speaking'. Laura now goes on to Townsville to represent Victoria at the National Final on the 10th of November.
Congratulations Laura, and our best wishes go with you to the National Final.

Waller Division 15 January 1966 - 50th Anniversary Reunion
Expressions of interest are requested from all members who joined the RAN on 15JAN66 (WALLER Division) for a 50th Anniversary Reunion in January 2016. Please e-mail your interest to: or telephone (03) 9798 6506 for further details.

VALE - CPOCK Jack Miller Sloper R52339
We regret to inform our members of the passing Jack Sloper.  Jack passed away on the 16th October 2014. The committee, on behalf of it's members extend their sincere condolences to his family
16 OCT 2014

A plaque has been placed on the memorial wall in the Chapel page.

VALE - AB Allan Robert BADDELEY PM2368
We regret to inform our members of the passing of another of our HMAS Sydney II 'old and bold'.  Allan passed away on the 8th October 2014. He was 93.  The committee, on behalf of it's members extend their sincere condolences to his family
08 OCT 2014

A plaque has been placed on the memorial wall in the Chapel page.

HMAS Goorangai Commemorative Service 16 Nov 2014
Details of this years service are now available.  Read.....

VALE - WOSTD Allen Guthrie
We regret to inform our members of the passing of one of our 'old and bold' members Allen Guthrie.  Allen passed away after a short illness on 9th Sep 2014.  He was 94.
The committee on behalf of it's members extend their sincere condolences to his family.
09 SEP 2014

A plaque has been placed on the memorial wall in the Chapel page.

A Short Report – Allen C Guthrie
On a rather bleak Cerberus afternoon on Tuesday 16 September, in company with my old shipmate Gary Taylor, I attended the funeral service of one of our HMAS Sydney 2 members, Allen Charles Guthrie, at Saint Mark’s Chapel. It can be said that the HMAS Sydney and VLSV Association was reasonably well represented, with at least another two or three of our members present, including our immediate past president Marty Grogan.
It became readily apparent to those who did not have the privilege of meeting him in person, that Allen was the epitome of the gentleman’s gentleman, an avid tennis player, a doting grandfather and confident to Kate, Emma and David, and a lifelong advocate for all things Navy. The world is poorer for his passing.
Yours Aye
Dr John R Carroll

Vietnam Veterans' Day
Our President Dr John Carroll was invited to speak at this year's Vietnam Veterans' Day Dawn Service at Boronia RSL.
Read his report.....
Read his speech.....

Vietnam Campaign Medal
View the WIN TV news story.....

A Short Report - from our New President, Dr John Carroll, on his recent trip to Hobart  to present honorary membership to Stan Davis and to visit the family of our recently departed member Bill Eggins.  Read.....

Secretary's report - August 2014

Book launch of "The Search for HMAS Sydney - An Australian Story
View flyer.....
View invitation.....

Vietnam Campaign Medal
Vietnamese Naval Association of Victoria support awarding the RVCM
to HMAS Sydney III personnel. More.....

President's 2014 Report

VALE - ex-WOMTP3* Bill Eggins
We regret to inform members of the passing of member Bill Eggins on 26 July 2014.  The committee on behalf of members extend their sincere condolences to his family.
26 JUL 2014

A plaque has been placed on the Chapel wall.

21st of May 1940 to 26th of July 2014.
I am writing to family, friends and anyone who happened to cross paths with Bill Eggins to inform you all of my Dad’s passing. Many of his family & friends were able to visit on his final days, we left about 5pm wishing him the best but the lovely nurses from the Whittle Ward called at 8pm to say he was slipping away but he had quietly passed by the time we arrived.
He left us after a short but ferocious battle with Mesothelioma (Asbestosis) and in his own words “for those who have never been checked, bloody well get it done now”
I know many of you have already been informed however Bills presence was felt far and wide. He leaves behind too many family and friends to mention. A funeral will be held on Thursday the 31st of July at 3.30pm at Graham Family Funerals New Town, Tasmania.
Any thoughts or well wishes you would like to pass along can be emailed to me and I will leave his Facebook page open for a while. Also any old photos you may have would be appreciated so you can share with all those who knew Bill.
His Wife of 47 years Diane can be contacted in due course on 03 6248 6244. We are not asking for any flowers but any donations you wish to make could be supplied to Hobart Legacy, Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania & we’re currently investigating a Royal Australian Navy Asbestosis support group.
Dad’s passed on & won’t have to 'blow soot' any more. Fair winds & gentle seas, we know you have gone to a better place because you have already done your watch in hell.
Apologies for not hiding everyone's email details, but if there’s anyone I missed please pass this message along.
Grant Eggins (son)

Sydney - Emden Cpmmemoration
Our Association Secretary David Dwyer has been invited to attend the Service to Commemorate the Battle of Cocos (Keeling) Island between HMAS Sydney and SMS Emden on 9 November 2014, Cocos Keeling Islands.
Read the letter.....
Read the flyer.....

Vietnam Veterans Day Commemoration Service
to be conducted at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance on Monday 18th August 2014.
All Vietnam Veterans, family and friends are most welcome to attend the day and we would be delighted to see your Association Banner parading up the Shrine forecourt. We also have the Royal Australian Navy Band Melbourne supporting us this year and CAPT Stephen Bowater OAM RAN will be representing the Navy on the day. There is also a Gunfire Breakfast which provides an excellent opportunity for mingling with mates (new or old) before march step off.
Full details in the attached flyer.....

If you know the creator of the Crest, please contact:

Dear Member
2013-2014 AGM:
I would like to bring to your attention the change of date for the AGM being held at the Naval Memorial Club, 36 Barretts Rd, Langwarrin Sth, come in off Robinsons Rd.  More.....

HMAS Leeuwin boys reunite to lead Anzac Day march
Vietnam War infantry conscripts were often only 19, as Redgum's song reminds us. But a group of boys who enlisted in the navy around the same time were even younger - some aged just 15 years and 9 months when they signed up, voluntarily, to be sent to HMAS Leeuwin in Fremantle for training. That was 50 years ago, and the survivors of the 8th Intake at Leeuwin will have the honour of leading this year's Anzac Day march through the streets of Wollongong.  More.....

Email from Frank Benney
Just thought that we would let you know that Laura has been keeping HMAS Sydney 11 and the associations name alive in Ballarat.
Laura was asked to do a talk on the 15th of this month at the RSL Ladies Auxiliary annual dinner which of course she did on Thomas Carey and HMAS Sydney 11.  It was very well received and she wore her honorary membership badge with pride.

Kind Regards
Frank Benney

We regret to inform members of the passing of life member John Neal Brown (Brownie) (HMAS Sydney II Veteran),
of Redcliffs Vic, passed away on the 21st of Feb 2014. The committee on behalf of members extend their sincere condolences to Brownies family.
21 FEB 2014

A plaque has been placed on the Chapel wall.

2014 RAN Cooks Reunion
The RAN Cooks reunion was recently held in Melbourne.
Click here for Speed Dwyer's report.
Click here for the tell-tale photos.

Seymour Military Heritage Weekend
The 2014 Seymour Military Heritage weekend is ready to go off with a bang on Saturday 3 May and Sunday 4 May. The stories of military life will come to life in a thrilling live event at the Australian Light Horse Park in Seymour. For full details go to

The outcome of the Anzac Day Dawn Service ballot for Gallipoli in 2015 will be known from today, the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Centenary of ANZAC, Senator the Hon. Michael Ronaldson, has announced.  More.....

Bowling green upgrades, kitchen refurbishments and bus trips to reduce social isolation are some of the projects to receive $974,255 in funding as part of the Veteran and Community Grants program, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Senator the Hon. Michael Ronaldson announced today.  More.....

Details for Anzac Day ceremonies are now on the website.  Read.....

Col Elliott - In Between Laughter
Col Elliott has become one of Australia's favourite entertainers.
Most know him from his many albums, television appearances, live work and DVD’s... However, there is a whole lot more to this man, who's own life story will surprise and delight!.
From a ten quid Pommie, to a life in poor working-class Melbourne...
In the stables at 14, to the Navy at 16, and sent to Vietnam at 17... old enough to serve, yet too young to vote or drink. He writes a graphic account of Gunline operations in North Vietnam. Still a kid, surrounded by danger, and under fire. .
Life before show business, was as a Navy Sonar Operator and eventual Instructor.
He spent his 18th birthday in Vietnam, as part of the rescue team, when the USS Forestal lost 134 brave souls.
At 19, he was part of the rescue team that operated when the ‘Melbourne’ cut the ‘U.S.S. Frank. E. Evans’ in half ... 74 men died that morning.
Col’s early life is related with much humour and honesty.
And throughout the book, you continue to follow his journey, as he and a rag tag bunch of unlikely heroes travel to exotic and often dangerous ports, as a rough and ready band of wandering minstrels.
Through all of this, humour plays an integral part... This is a story of survival and as a reader, Col gives you an insight into his battles with depression, alcoholism and at just 37, a major heart attack. He regroups and emerges unbeaten.
It tells of his rise through the tough ranks of Aussie comedy...
Many long and wonderful years of marriage, three daughters, several grandchildren and growing.
This is an Australian story that covers all bases. Belly laughs, Aussie humour, adversity, pathos, mate-ship, action and adventure. Col Elliott's story will surprise many... An enthralling read.
For details on purchasing the book, go to Col Elliott's website.....

New pension rate effective from 20th March 2014.  View details.....

White Cards and SRCA Clients
Sadly it seems that many of the people eligible for their new card have not kept their contact details with DVA up-to-date... therefore, many of these cards were returned to sender.

DVA have tried a few other methods to find the clients but there are many yet to be located.

Pass this on and make sure your mates have updated their details with DVA recently... the sad thing is many of them probably don't even know they had one coming.

The best way to update your details with DVA easily, is to do it through your MyAccount login or of course call them up on 1800 555 254.

Submariners 100 Year
Anniversary patch & sticker

Full details in the Clothing Store

For info.....
If you know any veterans who are not receiving a Gold or White card or who are doing it really tough financially, please refer them to the Low Income Health Care Card website. Eligibility is spelled out in the website. The important feature of the LIHC Card is possible retrospective.

42,582 applications were received from Australians planning to attend the Dawn Service at Gallipoli in 2015, marking 100 years since the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops during the First World War. The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Centenary of ANZAC, Senator the Hon. Michael Ronaldson, said the government’s contracted ticket provider would now begin the process of confirming applications.  More.....

Can Do Easy
by ex-CPOCD Tony Ey
This story is based on numerous real life experiences of the Royal Australian Navy's Clearance Diving Team 3 (RANCDT3), which served in South Vietnam from 1967 to 1971. It is the author's intention to provide a quite accurate insight into what it was like to be a serving Australian Navy 'Clearance Diver' in South Vietnam during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Their professionalism, their at times unconventional behavior, their ever present sense of humour and most importantly, their willingness, bordering on obsession, to confront life-threatening danger head on, were all fundamental ingredients of what made these men stand out from the crowd. For full details go to the Amazon website.....

Malevolent Environment Now a Factor for PTSD Compensation Claims
There they are, infantry patrolling round the Long Hi mountains or out from Tarin Kowt. They know there have been plenty of mine incidents there. In fact they have a splinter team of engineers with them trawling for mines or maybe there’s someone out front prodding with his bayonet to clear a path.
And what about the sailor. It’s the Gulf War and the enemy threatens his ship with Exocet missiles and chemical agents. He fears being trapped below the waterline.  More.....

Mystery of the Unknown Sailor of HMAS Sydney
It is a mystery that has taken decades to unfold. And the final chapters are agonisingly close to being told. Scientists just need one more piece of the jigsaw in the quest to identify the remains of their mystery man. They need a descendant of the sailor whose body was retrieved from waters off Christmas Island, three months after HMAS Sydney was sunk by the German raider HSK Kormoran in November 1941.  Read the full article.....

If you can help identify the sailor, contact:

South Vietnam Campaign Medal
The following is a transcript of the testimonies of John Carroll and Fred McLeod-Dryden, of the Inquiry into the eligibility for awarding of the South Vietnam Campaign Medal. This Inquiry was held at the Mercure Hotel, Treasury Gardens, Melbourne on Friday 6th September, 2013.  Read.....

now available - see clothing store

The link below will take you to the Emden website for the full story.
It has been translated from German
Iron Cross At Royal Australian Navy
To a certain unique event took place on 6 October 2013 in Sydney Harbour: As part of the 100-year celebration of the Australian Navy handed the inspector of the German Navy, Vice Admiral Axel Schimpf, the Iron Cross, the "Emden" to his Australian counterpart, Vice Admiral Ray Griggs.
Read the full story.....

Government Gazette - Notices of Investigation
a. exposure to ionising radiation; &
b. benzene exposure,
as factors in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

2. exposure to ionising radiation as a factor in Alzheimer-type dementia 

New item - Woolly Pully
added in the Clothing Store

Government Gazette - Notices of Investigation

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Alcohol Dependence & Alcohol Abuse
Diabetes Mellitus
Drug Dependence & Drug Abuse

Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk in Seymour
- well worth a visit
Click here to view the video.....

Commemorative Plaque for Ronald MacDonald 1918 – 1942
(Article is translated from German)

The German Naval Association and the Embassy of the Commonwealth of Australia were invited on Friday, April 19, 2013, for the commemoration of the plaque of Ronald Allan Heffernan MacDonald, representative of the members of the Australian Navy, in the historic Hall of the Marine Memorial in Laboe in the county Schleswig-Holstein.  Full story.....

Under A Rising Sun

A poem, Under A Rising Sun, written by one of our members, Laura Benney, aged 13, was read by me at the Anzac Day service at the Seaford RSL in 2013. Laura's great great grandfather, paid the ultimate sacrifice when he was killed on the Western Front in 1916. It is in tribute to him that she penned these words. Click here or the image to view the video.
Click here to read the poem.....

Sons of ANZAC’s Vietnam Memorial Tour
In 2015 it will be the centennial of the landing at Anzac Cove and coincidentally a significant anniversary for Vietnam Veterans, being 50 years since the deployment of our first battle group. That deployment went on to last 10 years. More.....

Statement of Principles concerning MYELOMA No. 69 of 2012 for the purposes of the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 and Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004. More.....

You and Your Prostate
has been produced by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) to assist members of the veteran community to gain a better understanding of the complex issues and management options relating to prostate disease. View Booklet

Completion of Review into the
Statements of Principles Nos. 28 and 29 of 2005
In Respect of Malignant Neoplasm of the Prostate.  Read......

Ships Eligibility for War Service

To be able to view everything on this web site you will need Flash Player and Adobe Reader. Both can be downloaded free from the links below.

Other Associations







Members, since the retirement due to ill health, of
David Lowe, we have been without, a Pensions officer.
Two TIP trained Officers are now available for appointments,
at the Naval Memorial Club Welfare Office, 36 Barretts Rd,
Langwarrin South. Please ring for an appointment:
Mondays: Ray Weston: 0417 386 635
Thursdays: Martin Rudelbach: 95511353

As of the 16th of September 2013, the Association has changed Bank Accounts, to the BENDIGO BANK.
Account Name:  HMAS Sydney & Vietnam Logistical Sup
BSB:  633-000
Account:  150073096
When making your payment, please use your name as identification, so we can identifying your particular transaction.

Remember your Annual Subs can be paid via EFT.

Visit the HMAS Sydney II Memorial Wall

This site has been developed to provide a place for all those who served onboard all HMAS Sydney's, including Sydney IV, Sydney III's Vietnam escorts and Jeparit and Boonaroo, FESR personnel and for all those who have an interest in that particular era of Australia's history. The purpose of this website is also to provide a way for those who have lost contact with old friends to re-establish contact via our web Message Board and for distant members to remain up-to-date with our activities.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our Association's web site and come back often.

by Dr. John Carroll.

Click here to read the review by Fred McLead-Dryden

Only 11 copies left
Total cost delivered to anywhere in Australia is $33.50.
Up to 3 x copies can be delivered in the one satchel
and 4 - 6 copies delivered together for $16.50.
The book normally will cost you $30.00 on line Plus Post.
Orders will be posted to you within 24 hours
and payment can be made via EFT, CHQ or M/O.

All Royalties go to the Teddy Whitten Foundation, for Prostate Cancer.

All orders to:

A Brief History of the

The concept of forming such an Association arose out of discussions between the 'founding father' Fred McLeod-Dryden and John Carroll in September 1982. (Read 'Mufti' article dated September 5, 1985)

The Association as such was formed in early 1984. The founding members consisted of Fred McLeod-Dryden, Brian McGurgan, Colin Mackenzie, and John Carroll. Membership has flourished ever since, with the current mailing list reflecting nearly 500 members within Victoria and 'outstations' within Australia, and overseas. With the exception of South Australia and Tasmania, each State has its own active branch or is represented by the HMAS SYDNEY & VLSVA, which is now recognized and registered in the Department of Veterans' Affairs Directory of ex-Service Associations.


The Association also has a 'loose-alliance' with other HMAS Sydney & VLSV Associations in other states and territories which sees us now as a recognized National Organization, acknowledged by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA). This recognition was long overdue.


Our Membership is on a tri-service basis for those with active service, and has been like this from very early days. We represent RAAF Loadmaster personnel from 36 squadron, the CMF Observer group and the Army small ships, all with the same fervour and consideration we give to former members of the RAN. In addition, we include Associate Membership for all ex-service personnel and civilians who wish to take an active interest in the operations and activities of our Association.

Other Involvements

This Association has an ongoing liaison with the Recruit School at HMAS Cerberus, and we sponsor a prize for the 'Instructor of the Year' which is adjudged by internal peer assessment.

This Association has also contributed financially to the Shrine Restoration and the HMAS Cerberus Museum. We are actively involved with the Emden Association in Germany and have kept in touch with them for some considerable time. As a tangible reflection of this liaison this Association has a feature wall in the Sydney-Emden room of the Warrant Officers and Senior Sailors Mess at HMAS Cerberus which depicts the Sydney - Emden action of the 09th of November 1914.

Amalgamation of the HMAS Sydney II Association with this Association was inevitable, if only to assure the ongoing viability of our unique heritage. This painless transition has resulted in a useful partnership with men that can be best described as 'living history'. We can truthfully lay claim to be actively representing sailors who have served in all of the four ships to bear the name Sydney. 'Thorough and Ready' - Aye.

Ongoing Commitments

As yet, HMAS Vampire and HMAS Quickmatch have not received any form of recognition for their trip up the Long Tau Shipping Channel to the port of Saigon in January 1962. This anomaly has been a long-standing one and will require a concerted effort to see recognition finally afforded to those that participated in this deployment.
This ongoing commitment has finally been resolved with a letter from the Manager of the Nominal Rolls Section of DVA stating that those who served on these ships at the time stated will be placed on the Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans. It is anticipated that the names will be placed on the web site by August 2007. Click here for a copy of the letter.

Obtaining the full text of Mr. Justice Rapke's report into service conditions, especially those which he experienced when 'serving' aboard HMAS Sydney during his stay aboard this vessel in the late 1960's and again in the early 1970's. So far, the various departments with Navy Office have managed to elude this Association's efforts in this matter. However, we continue to try.
2007 Update: Rapke Report: AKA as the Rapke Inquiry is available on the National Archives of Australia Website. There are in excess of 60 files of which the June-August file(s) are the most relevant and are titled 'HMAS Sydney Segment'. These files are heavily censored (expunged). They may be accessed using the reference number A12433 where indicated, and for convenience they are all digitised so they may be downloaded straight from the National Archives site. They are of limited research value.

In August 2001 the Department of Veterans' Affairs held a meeting in NSW with representatives of the NSW branch of this Association. This was to report on the findings of a Mortality Study carried out by the Department in 1997, relating to toxins and herbicides. Needless to say, the initial data supplied by the DVA may be seen as having serious consequences for all former members of the RAN who served with the RAN Diving Team, HMAS Sydney and her escorts, the so-called 'Gun-line' ships, and 'Helo-flight' Vietnam. This information will be updated from time-to-time, as further reliable and verifiable material becomes available.
2007 Update: The Water contamination issue forms part of the 2005 study into Mortality and Cancer Incidence of Australian Vietnam Veterans. There are three volumes of which the one on 'Cancer Incidence' and the one titled 'The Third Australian Vietnam Veterans Mortality Study' are the most relevant. These may be downloaded from the Department of Veterans' Affairs website, or request copies from either local Federal Members or the DVA. These 3 volumes were only released in January 2007.

The HMAS Sydney & VLSV Association (VIC) has achieved much for its members. However, we need your ongoing support to be able to continue to serve you and yours.

Our History is now in the Australian War Memorial.
The History of the HMAS Sydney & VLSVA and their fight for recognition of war service has been accepted into the AWM's Private Records Collection. The material will be made available to researchers who request to view it in their supervised Reading Room. Accession number is PRO4996.


Ships to Decommission in 2014
It has been announced that HMA Ships Sydney, Tobruk, Brunei, Labuan and Tarakan will decommission in December this year; while specific dates are yet to be determined. The following extract provides a summary of Sydney's service life:

HMAS Sydney crew gain exposure to future capability with United States Navy
Members of HMAS Sydney’s crew gained invaluable exposure to the Aegis Combat System this week as they trained onboard the United States Navy Destroyer, USS Kidd, during its port visit to Fleet Base East.  More.....

Sydney at Sea
A Mid Deployment Update for Family and Friends of HMAS Sydney. Read.....

Operation Sydney Cares
2013 proved to be a very busy year for HMAS Sydney (CMDR K.A. Brinckmann, RAN). The warship travelled to Hobart in the south to Busan in the North, Mackay in the East and Fremantle in the West and many other ports along the way.  More.....

A couple of photos of Sydney IV at the 2013 IFR. Courtesy Pete Foote.  See Gallery.....


10 Sep 2013
HMAS Sydney returns home

Following a successful deployment to North East Asia, HMAS Sydney has returned home to a warm welcome from family and friends on the wharf at Fleet Base East.  More.....

email updates
Members of the HMAS SYDNEY & VLSVA (VIC INC) are requested to check their email address against their name in the membership list and, if necessary, update their email address with the . Many emails are being rejected because the addresses are incorrect.

Interested in Maritime Art?
Originals and Prints.
Visit ex-LSRP Randall Wilson's
Randall's work is also on display
at the Museum of Cerberus.

Medals & Memories

Original & Replica Medal Mounting
Ships Crest Button Badges
Memorabilia Framing

Contact:  Vern Bechaz
10 Windmill Parade
Mount Martha
VIC. 3934
Ph: 03-5975 1506

Victoria Cross Project
Vern has undertaken a major project to honour those very brave men.... more........


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